Plumbing Tip

Common Faults and Suggested Remedies

Faults Causes Remedies
1. Water refill into the cistern is slow. 1. Water supply not open.
2. Fine dirts stuck-up in the ballvalve.
1. Open fully the water supply.
2. Remove and clean the ballvalve washer.
2. Continues water leakage from the cistern into the w.c. Fine dirts or any obstructing material may be present in between the rubber seal and outlet valve. 1. Press button knob and holder for few seconds to flush out the fine dirts or any obstructing material.
2. If water leakage still persist, remove the cistern and clean the rubber seal.
3. Water over-flows from the cistern overflow hole. Water level is higher than the required water line. Adjust the water level to the mark by turning the ballvalve adjusting screw clockwise.
4. Poor flush Not enough water to flush out the waste. Adjust the water level to the required water line mark by turning the ballbvalve adjusting screw anti-clock wise.